Nadora - 'a beautiful gift' [Greek]

About Us

Birthed from a collective vision to empower the authenticity in others, Nadora allows you to remember, reconnect and reawaken to the presence of your Soul.

Not just meditation. Not just Yoga. Not just a few days of healthy living. Nadora Retreats offers you the gift that enhances life on all levels and keeps giving you that power daily.

We empower others to embody their authentic self and remember their soul’s unique journey.

Give yourself a beautiful gift

What have you done for yourself lately?


We know you don't always see your illuminated value, but we see you. We know your worth and that's why any experience with Nadora Retreats is overflowing with expressions of just how special you are!


Let us spoil you with luxury for your soul.

Let us indulge your deserving heart in decadence.

Let us remind you around every corner that YOU are the perfect gift to the Universe.

In February 2020 we came together with a common passion and purpose. We wanted to create something special, something that everyone could enjoy, something that could benefit those that felt overwhelmed, uncertain, stressed, unloved, misguided or alone and reach them anywhere around the world to offer support and guidance towards re-establishing their path.

Nadora meets you where you are; and gives you the tools, practices, information and empowerment you need to re-find yourself, to re-discover your path and fall in love with your unique soul journey.

Every workshop, every ceremony, every moment you experience with Nadora is sacred and unique. We share and teach what we know about the energy and cycles of life. We give you guidance and insights about your individual power and place within the Universe. You begin to appreciate, understand and connect to your Soul and embrace the daily practice of coming home to yourself.

A world where people are free to openly embrace the beauty, depth and uniqueness of their individual life journey whilst allowing and empowering others to do the same.

Our Vision

To inspire a journey of personal transformation, offering beautiful and supportive retreats, workshops and experiences that align with the natural cycles of the Universe.

Our Mission


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Inspiring personal transformation through the embodiment of authentic Soul experiences, we offer supportive and personal retreats and Soul Offerings aligned with the natural cycles of life.

Ebony, Kylie and Tracy empower others to embody their authentic self and remember their soul’s unique journey.

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