Free Your Emotions


Awareness - Intention - Freedom


  • 2 x Guided meditations

  • 3 x Comprehensive ebooks taking you through the understanding of the seasonal phase

  • 3 x Informative videos for going deeper into the processes

  • 1 x Workbook for deep self-exploration to work through at your own pace


  • Exclusive invitation to Nadora’s feel good playlist on spotify

  • “Lighten Up” – our exclusive eBook on how to raise your vibration and why now is the time to do it

  • Bonus Light Activation Affirmation and Frequency Entrainment MP3


Emotional Awareness

We take a look at the emotions and the  important part they play in our lives. If we are able to fully  understand where we are NOW, we can begin to consider that which we may  no longer need and that which we may be willing and ready to release.

Intention Setting

We take you through setting a base for preparing your mind, body and  heart for what the energy with which you will be working with to bring  about deep clarity and understanding. How you move your body and your  energy to increase flow. Calling in what you want and relaxing the ties  on what you don’t.

Finding Freedom

We show you  some valuable breathing techniques while focusing on releasing your  body, mind, heart and Spirit from that which has bound you, held you and  kept you tethered to past ideas and experiences that no longer serve  you a purpose.


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