In 2017 hitting the point of burn out from the stress and emotionally draining world of management, Lara began seeking tools to help her with both the physical and emotional aches and pains she was experiencing. Incorporating yoga, meditation, reiki and essential oils into her daily routine, Lara found herself exploring the triggers and pain points of her own life, gaining control of her thoughts and emotions and supporting others to do the same.


After starting a morning yoga routine at home, within a month she began to feel huge improvements in how her body was feeling and became more centred and in control of her emotions. This unexpected uplift in emotional well-being was when she knew it was something she had to share with others.


The focus on the breath was where Lara felt the biggest benefits in bringing peace and connection to herself. She realised that on a day to day basis most people don’t breathe very well. Through yoga and meditation, she learnt by bringing the focus back to the breath it is easier to let go of the constant chatter of a busy mind. With a steady practice, slowly the overwhelm and stress fades and you can become more in control with your emotions.


With these tools in place Lara returned to her management position but quickly she was introduced to Reiki. She loved the idea of being able to help and heal others on an energetic level but more importantly Reiki took her own self-healing journey to a whole new level.

Essential oils have become a daily in Lara’s box of tools. Diffusing them, wearing them, ingesting them, the uses differ to where particular oils can help support her in her day to day life. She uses these oils to navigate her emotions, help her shift out of or into them and support others to do the same.


Lara felt so passionate about Yoga she travelled to India in 2019 to complete her 200 hour teacher training.  Upon returning home to Australia, she opened Just Breathe Wellness Studio where she now shares her love of Yoga, Essential Oils and Reiki with her clients. Her big WHY in life is to pass these amazing tools on. To help bring more peace, joy and serenity into people’s lives and to empower people to have more control over their health and wellbeing.


Lara offers guidance and wisdom from her own real like experiences and offers these tools to support you in gaining control of your thoughts, emotions and to help you heal. She shares the positive impacts they have had on her own personal life and is passionate about sharing them with the world so you too can feel more at ease within your own body and mind.


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