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Energetic overview for the week beginning 8th February 2021 - Login now to your member area and view the full week's content, astrology, affirmations and card reading. We have a New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th, marking another new cycle. This one in particular will see our attention drawn towards togetherness, friendship, social pursuits, community and humanitarian connections. This week is calling you forward to create new habits that make your life, and all life as a whole better. The card this week is the Knight Of Wands, a card of movement and action, extreme enthusiasm and wanting to get things done, however there may be a sense of taking on too much, talking too much and actually accomplishing not much at all. Find YOUR balance - remembering that it will not be the same as someone else's. Login now to your Soul Connections member's area to view the full week's astrology, card reading, affirmations and energetic overview. Now live! Remember we are always here when you feel you are ready for more. If you haven't yet joined Soul Connections, you can do so for free here. You are a beautiful gift x

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