Emotional Awareness Energy Card Reading

Emotional Awareness Energy Card Reading


This reading focuses on the overall energy in your present moment and how it relates to your underlying emotions.


Within this 3-card reading, we look at what maybe trapped within or exhausting your emotional energy, the challenges and influences you may encounter with this and finally what process or action you can take to best move forward.


Our readings always focus on the present moment and offer support and guidance that will empower you to be active within your own energy.


If you have underlying health issues, relationship struggles, career dissatisfaction or any other area of unease, it may be the result of a masked or ignored emotional blockage.


An Emotional Awareness reading can help you understand more about what is going on within your emotional energy and how it relates to your physical life experience.


Each reading takes place remotely and is sent via email. Minimum 3 cards and 3 A4 pages.  Readings are done remotely and can be done for anyone, anywhere.


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