A wellness membership offering monthly guidance for developing healthy patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour towards creating a life of stability, calm and confidence.

Soul Offering

From as little as a cup of coffee a week, you can give yourself the beautiful gift of self empowerment, love and life balance.

Each membership gives you a different level of engagement and accountability based on what you feel you are ready for...
Our Inspire Membership is our 'Pay What You FEEL' level - with our suggested pricing either $22, $33 or $44 per month. Or increase to live interactions and mentoring sessions with our
Embrace and Indulge Memberships


Our entry level membership.

Downloadable eBooks and content for you to work through individually at your own pace.

All change begins with choice. Nadora can Inspire

you towards your ideal life path.

You pay what you feel, starting from $22 per month.

This is your journey, your life, your soul path...


There are so many life dynamics and aspects to who we are that sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming.


Managing a stressful job… Juggling family and home…
Running a business… Facing relationship challenges…
Dealing with health issues… Exhaustion and emotional burnout…

In an ideal world, the storm blows over and balance is restored, but this isn’t always how the story goes.


Finding yourself and finding a way to be yourself as life constantly changes around you… there are moments of opportunity and little things we can do for ourselves to create more flow, ease and clarity.


Soul Offering gives you this opportunity.

Each of us at Nadora have lived and transcended mental, emotional and physical experiences that have brought us to where we are and we lovingly share all with you here, through monthly connections.


The seasons offer us a way to understand the patterns and cycles of life, how things change, flow and how we can work with them to best contribute to our overall well-being and happiness.

If you want something different… something more… something better, you have to do something a little different… a little more and a little better for yourself.

Like all things in nature, you too are a part of the revolving cycles of growth and renewal and as the seasons see differences in the ways the elements interact together, the cycles of change can help you understand the relationships between parts of yourself.

Deepen your awareness and apply some simple tools and practices, to turn these revolving cycles of “been here before”, repetitive thoughts, feelings and experiences into evolving cycles that reconnect with your Soul self.


You deserve to have your balance restored so that you can be the best version of yourself.


Soul Offering is our gift to you to help you get in touch with YOU.

If you want something different... you have to do something different...

...a combined experience of over 57 years of dedicated learning...


We personally understand the need for rejuvenating the mind, re-energising the body and restoring the heart.

Nadora offers you patience and understanding that comes from over 57 combined years of dedicated learning, practicing and sharing our collective gifts and insights. No matter where you are and what you need more of in your life, we are able to provide you with professional and quality expertise stemming from qualifications in multiple areas of holistic health including yoga, alchemy, qigong, meditation, counselling, body healing, health and nutrition, Spiritual awareness and coaching, aromatherapy, massage, sound therapy, emotional freedom, astrology/tarot, crystal/colour therapy, shadow work, dream analysis, sacred ritual & ceremony, esoteric wisdom, visualisation and breathwork.


Allow us to share with you our dedicated awareness that transcends information and skill to become a personal and enlightening experience.


We work together to understand who you are and to nurture and develop every aspect of mind, body, heart and Spirit.


We graciously do everything within our power, every step of the way to support you in remembering your authentic self and embracing your inner gifts.


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The ladies at Nadora Retreats are the most lovely, comforting and compassionate ladies who are both beautiful inside and out. As I work through my journey, I feel they provide different views through their own experiences and knowledge and provide insights into yourself and acceptance of yourself. Thank you ladies and I look forward to continuing my journey with you.


I simply had no idea where to start or what to do. A friend recommended the Nadora online retreat, and it was just what I needed. The team of four girls who guided us through the three weeks were enthusiastic, realistic and totally focused on allowing each one of us to develop in our own time. I have no hesitation in recommending a retreat to anyone. So if you are in limbo or just stuck in a rut ( as I was) I recommend you think about a retreat.

Why give yourself this beautiful gift?

The journey of the self can sometimes be a difficult one.

Having first hand learnt, experienced and healed along our own journeys (and still doing it!), we want to support you in remembering that you are a beautiful gift who deserves to be heard, seen, nurtured and loved.

Small, simple practices and fun, practical tools to work with each month.

Continued support all year round and accountability to stay on track.

Ongoing assistance in getting back in touch with who you are and help bring life back into balance.

You are a beautiful gift.

Take a journey with us.

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