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When you are ready to accept love and healing fully into your life and to Indulge in your authentic wholeness, Nadora offers you this beautiful gift. Empower your right to inner peace and well-being through this connection to a path that allocates time for you to Indulge in your desire for self-love.

Soul Offering at this level allows extra time for personal guidance and support through individual sessions and healings giving you the very best tools and practices for profound transformation and awakening to your Soul path. Indulge suits those who are seeking reflective insight and who are ready to uncover their inner truth by allowing deep healing and love across all areas of their life.


If you are looking for regular accountability and personal & private guidance and mentoring

If you are ready to truly spoil yourself with regular healing and energy sessions

If you see and believe in the value of investing in yourself


For much less than the cost of personal life coaching you will receive ALL the inclusions. guidance, insights and healing sessions from all three of our beautiful Nadora facilitators - accessing over 57 years of experience, practice and study.

Give yourself the best of what Nadora Retreats has to offer you each month.

$199 per month


Give Yourself a Beautiful Gift

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