Lotus Blue Butterfly

Card 1

Card 1

Lotus Blue Butterfly

The beauty and simplicity of the butterfly comes through for you this week. Every one of our journeys is unique and each of us will be in a different stage, at a different time and each aspect of these stages goes through different phases - this is more cycles within cycles.

Knowing when to go within, when to reflect and when to listen and know when it is time to fly, when to act and to express yourself and share openly. Be willing to look at the same situation from a different point of view or a new way of thinking. Being willing to pivot and shift and show the situation or person flexibility, especially if you have been feeling stuck.

There is a gentle lightness to the butterfly - bring this into your being this week. Don't compare yourself to others - be who you are, where you are and be willing to remain open to the outside universal influences.

Every beautiful step of your journey is sacred and special - be conscious in it and be aware of any resistance or frustrations that appear when change or challenges present themselves. You don't have to carry anything on your own - trust that you are building and growing exactly what you need.

Card Affirmation:

I am a pure expression of God's beauty... I am light, I am free.
I have emerged from my cocoon.
I am Me.

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