Card 1 - 6 Oct

Card 1 - 6 Oct

Perspective may have been lost on what you are, or were, originally trying to accomplish or achieve. And that is okay! It has brought you to this present moment and to these current experiences and opportunities. It is time to cut yourself a little slack.

The old idea of not seeing the forest for the trees applies here, as you may have inadvertently become completely fixated and focused on a minor, insignificant detail and have therefore missed the bigger view of everything that is happening and therefore the many and varied options and the breadth of possibilities before you.

If you have been feeling stuck - this could be why. Be willing to take a few steps back and notice what else is in the picture, what else is going on, what haven't you considered?

The Condor soars high above, seeing the horizon stretching before it - aware of the minute beauty and finer details AND the great connection to the Earth and all her splendour.

Willingly and purposefully detach and de-tangle yourself from these binds that have come from narrowing your field of vision. A cord cutting process, or something similar, may be beneficial for you here. Anything else that brings your attention into the present moment, to your truth and to what really matters will be helpful for you this week.

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