Aine - Adaptability

Card 2

Card 2

Perhaps you are feeling stuck in your ways or restricted somehow. Maybe you were imagining yourself somewhere different right now - in a different location, or material position, a different career or a completely alternate life path. Dreaming is okay - it is essential - but regrets will hold you back.

Allow yourself to question... 'what if' - play with new ideas, options and be willing to stretch yourself out of your typical areas of comfort and routine. If you feel you have missed out - you are continually generating this energy within and around you. Instead, try looking at the possibilities that still exist around you, what CAN you do, try, start, explore, shift, let go of. This could be internal or in your external / physical world. Take a look around.

Aine is an Irish Goddess of Summer, a shapeshifter Goddess who can move effortlessly between worlds. This goddess is associated with the Sun and represents wealth and plentiful harvests. Know, that with this Goddess you are able to handle anything that comes to you - you can see it coming, pivot, adapt and then thrive.

Trust in your own abilities and the beautiful gifts you have in your own heart. You will never go without.

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