Card 2 - 15 Dec

Card 2 - 15 Dec


It is time to move; swiftly and with purpose. Any uncertainty or self doubt is to be released with intention and focus. This does not mean to rush forward on a whim, Falcon comes to us with the message that we should have a clear and ever present awareness of what needs to happen next and then jump into action.

Don't be distracted by temptations or other promises that are seemingly too good to be true. Your path, right now, is best to be one of action with intent, passion and purpose. Spell things out clearly and concisely - whether it be for yourself and / or for others. Stay alert and aware of possibilities as you soar along fearless and easy. Slight bumps in the air pressure will barely glance off your beautiful wings as you maintain your course.

This card works wonderfully with the Monday weekly card - the Nine of Swords and also with our upcoming Solstice Ceremony about allies and passion and purpose. If you haven't yet seen our Facebook post or joined our Soul Connections free member site, I suggest you take a look.

The energy of they sky is with you, give grateful thanks for all that you have accomplished so far and move forward with confidence and certainty. This card is prompting you to say ‘yes’ more, to tell yourself that there is nothing to fear.

Feel where you are called to, what is your focus, what is your driving force. Falcon asks us to pay attention to our current direction, as we may find curve balls coming our way; something unexpected which we may need to accommodate for and slightly shift our direction, but do not fear, this is a slight adjustment and as we continue to hold our clarity, we will be able to see new possibilities and solutions.

This isn't just any falcon, this is the Peregrine Falcon, one of the fastest animals on the planet. As an animal ally the Falcon brings you visionary power, wisdom, and a sense of protection. The falcon is a powerful ally to have with you when you need to remain clear and focused on what needs to be done next. This powerful bird can aid in awakening visions, leading you to your life purpose.

Bring awareness to this animal coming into your daily life in different ways over the coming days and weeks - ask for signs, be clear in what you want to receive. Than release expectation of HOW it will happen and be content with seeing WHAT happens.

You may see the physical version of your chosen card, you may see a documentary, or hear someone mention them, you may dream about them - this will be about gentle awareness, without force. It is a practice. Tuning in with your own intuition and guides is something that (like most things) the more you place energy and attention here, the better you will become and understanding and interpreting what is happening and why. Spirit animals are usually a representation of what we most need at the time, you may have one, or many and knowing what they are and when you need them is an empowering process. If you want to connect with your own spirit guides, please consider joining our online ceremony on the 21st December - you can find more details below.

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