Card 3 - 15 Dec

Card 3 - 15 Dec


Embracing change and the beautiful evolution of your soul and spirit. The Salmon asks us to be willing to go against the grain and to be open to understanding your own emotions. This brings you an opportunity to transcend and explore what may be currently beyond your understanding right now. This is a beautiful space to be in. Your self discovery is calling you forward.

Be determined and focused on what it is you want to achieve. There are times when effort is required to make headway and movement forward, and this sometimes means delving into the deepest parts of yourself, allowing a great flow awareness and accepting responsibility for where you are and what your choices are for what comes next. What is it that you want to achieve? Are you willing to go in your own unique direction to get there? This is a perfect time to follow your instincts, to be willing to follow your own tributary, to follow your own star pattern so that you may arrive exactly where you need to be.

Understanding that sometimes struggle is real, being uncomfortable is okay and should actually be embraced as best as you can. This is what gives you your biggest opportunity to learn - learn more about yourself, test yourself, your belief, your strengths and your amazingness (that should be a word!). As when we overcome something, ourselves, the rewards are that much sweeter and real. You can do this.

As an animal totem Salmon is a symbol of rebirth, abundance, renewal, it can be linked to moving house or travel, eternal life and femininity. This animal brings you positivity and encouragement to live life to it's fullest.

Bring awareness to this animal coming into your daily life in different ways over the coming days and weeks - ask for signs, be clear in what you want to receive. Than release expectation of HOW it will happen and be content with seeing WHAT happens.

You may see the physical version of your chosen card, you may see a documentary, or hear someone mention them, you may dream about them - this will be about gentle awareness, without force. It is a practice. Tuning in with your own intuition and guides is something that (like most things) the more you place energy and attention here, the better you will become and understanding and interpreting what is happening and why. Spirit animals are usually a representation of what we most need at the time, you may have one, or many and knowing what they are and when you need them is an empowering process. If you want to connect with your own spirit guides, please consider joining our online ceremony on the 21st December - you can find more details below.

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