Branwen - Forgiveness

Card 4

Card 4

Sometimes things happen that allow us to learn, grow and expand - whether we feel ready for it or not. Sometimes our stories and energies become entangled with others and challenges and conflicts arise. Uncomfortable as this is - it is a part of life and can be seen as much as an opportunity as a hurdle.

This card reminds us that, no matter what, love and forgiveness can heal all. This doesn't excuse bad or deceitful behaviour - but holding onto things does yourself no favours. Forgiveness is much more about you as an individual than it is about the other individuals involved.

If we continue to retell our hurtful stories over and over we become lost in a wheel of despair and darkness and may see these doubts creep out into other areas of our lives and other relationships. You do not need to carry this - forgiveness allows healing and repair - opening the heart to more love; for you to give more and receive more. Please remember that self forgiveness is as important (if not more so) than forgiveness of others. Your time to release is now.

Branwen is the Welsh Goddess of love and beauty throughout from the Iron Age. She is known for you loyalty, compassion and devotion. Branwen translates to White Raven and her story is one of selflessness and composure. The starling and raven are linked to this Goddess, as well as the colours white, silver and Green.

There is nothing wrong with seeing more love and kindness in the world and the best way this can be achieved is to BE it yourself. Set yourself free.

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