Card 4 - 1 Dec

Card 4 - 1 Dec


This card relates to us paying attention to how we emotionally deal with things and in particular the relationships we share with those closest to us. This card is strongly connects to the Queen of Water card for this week and if you haven't yet read the full energy projection in Soul Connections (a link on how to get there / join will be at the bottom of this page)... I strongly recommend having a look.

I feel this card is asking us to become more aware of what we are allowing ourselves to express and of what we are willing to show and share with others. It is an expressive card. Becoming more aware of what you are denying yourself or how you are presenting yourself to others... if you are holding onto anger or fear and are refusing to express this - it will be coming out in your energies, it will be noticed by others.

Are you willing to explore and share your depths - your shadows - are you willing to bare your soul to those closest to you... have you been presenting a 'front' or a certain way that you think others will accept.

This will be especially poignant if you have found yourself triggered emotionally this week by others and is an amazing opportunity to look into your own 'why'... why did I become angry when they said this, why did I react this way - what was my automatic response???

As we begin to analyze ourselves with kindness and love - we are shining lights on our shadows, we are exploring. Writing things down can be a very powerful way of noticing the key components to emotional triggers - how you are wording things; blame or responsibility - for example... can be a valuable self teaching tool.


I feel this card linked to the season of Autumn, to acknowledging and bringing awareness to our emotions and what it is that we may no longer need and are now open to shedding. There is power in awareness - whether you feel compelled to act right now, or lie dormant - only you can really know the right answer. If what you are doing right now brings you ease, freedom and joy - then it is the universe verifying you are on the right path. If you feel tense or worried, it may be that you are being asked to stretch outside your comfort zone. Allow yourself to move out of the mind and into the heart - for the heart... knows.

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