Do Not Fear The Unknown

Card 4 - 4 Nov

Card 4 - 4 Nov

Do Not Fear The Unknown

We all crave and seek safety and security, sometimes to the extreme of the path well worn - known - no surprises... as these situations bring comfort and patterns and continuity to your mind, but this card is asking you to go further - explore! Be open to the unknown.

Allow yourself to consider; more? different? bigger? better? Setting yourself conservative limits is selling yourself short. Open up. Be willing to do more, take on more... be willing to SEE MORE. The mind does a terrific job of coming up with the worst possible scenarios in most situations. But the heart and the spirit, they KNOW, they understand and can lead you to more trust and more self certainty.

Just because we don't know or don't understand something does not make it bad, or ugly, or negative. Just because something has happened to you once, or to someone else in a similar situation, doesn't determine that it will happen again.

This card is encouraging you to try. Leave judgement and questioning yourself on the sideline and free yourself to explore and wander in wonder.

As the cards fell this week each one was a different colour, so I felt drawn to include a colour message this week. This card is Red; red is passion and excitement - it is the embodiment of our dear heart and the life it brings to us. This is a colour of creation and vitality and of believing in your own power. You may like to wear this colour this week or carry a special red item with you to remind you of vitality and love.

Tracy x

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