Detox Time

Card 4 - 8 Dec

Card 4 - 8 Dec

Detox Time

Being open to going without. Not in such a way that you feel like you are missing out. It is more about bringing an understanding and deeper awareness to what you actually NEED and what you want. There is a difference. For example, we need air - that one is pretty self explanatory. Do we need TV every night, do we need alcohol, do we need coffee?

To be our purest, most creative and connected selves there are certain things our body, mind, heart and spirit could be better off without, or with less exposure to. I feel there are no hard and fast rules here, it is more a matter of doing your own internal assessment, asking yourself what it is you need more and less of and then becoming in tune with what this means for and the most effective and efficient way for you to carry this out.

This is our life and our journey - it is up to us as a beautiful and unique being to want to take personal responsibility for how we interact with ourselves and with the world around us. Release yourself from any judgement that you place upon yourself or that you feel is placed upon you by others - this week can be really a beautiful opportunity for you to give yourself your own time, space and energy to work out what is important to you and how you want it to look in your life. Step gently and force nothing.

Remember, dear one, this is simple and general guidance from your angels and you have chosen this card in answer to a particular situation or question - you will know what is right and what feels right for you in this regard of detoxing (or not).

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