Week 1


All of life is about expression and therefore how we chose to express ourselves represents what it is we are willing to create for ourselves. Blockages within the throat energies are always likely as we are the beings of the 5th awakening, however this week brings the possibility for extra distortions as we seek balance in the giving and receiving of our communications with others.

Three of Swords

This is the heart and the mind conjoining - getting to the core of a situation through critical and logical thinking.

Tread gently this week as you may be experiencing feelings of being let down, blindsided, hurt or betrayed. As truth comes to light through Scorpio, the full moon and communicative disruptive Mercury retrograde - we may be exposed to things we were not quite expecting - which could lead to further confusions and mistrust.

Be mindful of your power here - to be aware of this universal energy - as it is really yours to carry and to seek understanding of, to hold and harness - seek awareness is this mine, or is this a projection or reflection of another.

Uncertainty of one thing can often lead to us questioning many more things within our life and within our own story. If "A" can't be trusted... how can I possibly trust "B" or "C" or "D" and so on.

This can also occur in reverse as these energies apply to all of us. You may have your love, devotion and efforts questioned. Keep your head and stay focused on what you are consciously thinking and allowing during this week. It may be emotionally tumultuous, but when you seek balance of the mind and to understand the 'how' and 'why' of your emotions - you can more effectively put things into perspective.

Is there something you are ready to share with the world?


Mercury – the planet of communication, turns direct in Libra the sign of balance and justice. This is the final Libra transit so it a perfect week to find rational solutions within your personal relationships and the last chance to work with this energy to bring an influence of diplomacy, kindness and fairness.

Expect distortion within your throat energy if you still have things to clear here. The energy will intensify within your Throat Chakra as your attention is brought to what area of your life this work should take place within. Consider what you need to do to improve your communication skills and with who or where.

Decisions during this transit cycle may be difficult and you may tend to either resist, over-compensate or sit on the fence. All of these actions however, are an opposing response to the raising of vibration within the throat. You can choose your response in every moment and simultaneously be fair to yourself and others.

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