Week 1


This week embraces the Full Moon energy and bring to an end a cycle of seeking balance within our communications and fairness within our relationships. From here we move into an energy of feeling empowered, strong and ready to step up to the plate and take a swing at the next level of consciousness, leadership and personal responsibility.


My strength is greater than any struggle.
I accept myself unconditionally and know my worth.
I choose what I become.
I am ready.
I am powerful.
I am that I am.
So Hum.

Four Of Cups

We may find ourselves questioning what we feel this week - can we trust our heart, what someone else is telling us, our relationships, what we are telling ourselves? It may be an emotionally charged week from which we may feel compelled to withdraw. However this card is here to remind us that there is actually something offered to use here - it may just be that we feel too overwhelmed or lost or strung out that we don't notice it.

Showing empathy and understanding to EVERY other soul on their own journey can bring you expressive and meaningful empowerment, purpose and connection this week. Life is not all about ONE of us - we each contribute, juggle, jump, dance and play within each others energies.

Reflect upon this idea this week, but do so in a positive way - allow yourself to feel what you need to and then bring your attention to what you CAN do, CAN change, CAN choose. Keeping your focus on the positive will allow you to see more ways through, more solutions and more possibilities. The age old saying... 'YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON.'

This can be a week of some significant inner work if you are ready and willing. When we experience things not going exactly as we had hoped or expected, these are actually our greatest learning experiences and opportunities to expand - to believe more in our own capabilities and resilience and to trust in our own abilities to create and manifest. This could be a magical week of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Using our suggested affirmation as often as you can this week, or write out your own.

What empowered aspect of self can we harness in service for others?


Still working through the uncovering of truth and justice this week with the Mercury energy still influencing through Scorpio, the Aries Full Moon adds another dimension on the 1st. The Full Moon is always a time of culmination, emotion, promise of fulfillment and relationships – none more so than the Aries-Libra polarity axis. Aries represents the self and embodies self-assertion whereas Libra is about balance, compromise and fairness.

Through the energy of the Libra Sun, relationship needs are illuminated and through Aries our personal courage and leadership is highlighted and primed for action bringing up the question – what can I do in greater service to the whole?

This week encourages you to look at where your strengths are and how these can be used in conjunction with others to find a gracious harmony between independence and dependence. With this sun and moon connection, the potential for conflict arises if either aspect is ignored as both are available to be seen for what they are. Over the upcoming weeks, we will discover exactly what area of life this energy will play out in as relationships are between all things and all beings.

Somethings has been building for quite some time and now is the time for choosing what you are willing to do for your relationships and all that comes with maintaining them–compromising, negotiating, graciousness, and balancing – without sacrificing of the self.

This will be a very emotional week and need to express all of this in a healthy way as this energy drives huge bursts of growth in consciousness, we literally need to be ‘getting things out of our system’ in honourable ways in order to usher in new beginnings on almost every level.

Venus is in Virgo from the 2nd meaning that the expression of love through practical means that can be witnessed and shared is huge. Love needs to make sense and have a purpose with Venus in this sign so during this cycle we will tend towards things that make us feel good and make sense. Guilt may feature in our energy if our actions are too self-indulgent so charity and service to others may lend your heart to the positive side of this influence, helping to clear criticism, angst and worry.

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