Week 2


This week encourages clear and truthful assertion of authority of self. You are the master of your journey and your ideas, beliefs and journey is as valid as the next persons. Becoming sovereign in thought and feeling allows us to embody our sacred authenticity and work with the energy of creation more deeply this week.

What happens when you fully embody your authentic authority?


Mercury moves into Scorpio from November 10th where it will stay until December 1st. With this energy our thoughts and communications become more investigative and intense. Unlike the balance seeking Mercury/Libra energy, this transit cycle awakens the place within you that says that life is just not fair.
Instincts within our communications are primed to pick up on the intrinsic golden thread of truth and continue to dig and probe until we uncover an answer that atones for our emotional displacement.

You may tend to deeply observe and focus your thoughts with this influence seeking more meaning to your tendencies and motivations. In any instance, your thoughts are the initiators of the creation of your reality, yet with this Mercury/Scorpio influence they are even more profound ridding life of the menial and the superficial ways of connecting and communicating and exchanging them for deep, soul provoking conversations and contemplations.

The Scorpio energy is acute, intense, and analytical so expect your thinking to reflect this.

Jupiter forms its final conjunction with Pluto on the 12th and as this long-term aspect comes to a close, the adventurous and risky energy is still astir as we seek to maintain personal significance. Although advantages may come through those in authority. So what happens when we assert authority over our selves…

This energy has the potential to bring in personal growth and expansion and so ambition may be especially strong and our persuasive power is enhanced. Caution to those who seek to manipulate!

A huge positive to come out of this transit is an awareness of that inner calling to better ourselves and although there may be tendency to fulfill that urge with social or material goals, the greatest personal growth comes from developing a stronger connection to self and the way we connect to the world around us. Therefore, a desire to solve community issues may arise as our faith digs in to reconnect us to who we truly are. Can you feel it?

Avoid self-righteousness and exaggeration.

Mars turns direct after spending its full retrograde cycle in the sign of Aries. This shadow period will last from November 13th to January 2nd 2021.

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