Week 2


This week is another huge thrust forward into this new world we are collectively creating. Best to be doing it consciously with our eyes, minds and hearts open to not only what is best for us, but to what is best for all life on Earth.


I am connected to my highest self.
I step forward with an open mind and open heart.
I trust my intuition and open myself to receive guidance and wisdom with clarity.
I am connected to the divine and oneness of all things.
I am connected to source and in turn I am the source of all things.
I am that I am.
So Hum

Five of Gabriel

Also known as the Five of Wands or Five of Fire. We may be finding ourselves questioning things, feeling overwhelmed and challenged on different fronts.

Have the mindset and willingness to accept what is happening around us and within us - showing understanding to yourself and your own process - your beliefs, you way. Withdrawing from the drama and over analysis from others can be helpful for you this week. Opinions and view points of others can be of value - but if they instil uneasiness or conflict within you - they are not worth the trouble.

This is a week where self responsibility on discerning what things look like and feel like to you as there may be multiple view points, angles, situations, moments and people all vying for your attention. Be mindful where your energy goes.

This can be a good week to take some steps back and drink in the beauty and magic of the bigger picture. There is always more going on that we may notice at face value. Petty incidents, indiscretions and over dramatisations are not worth your time and energy. Look for the love, the beauty, your truth. There are always people who want to genuinely help - trust your instincts.

When things begin to fall down around you, is your own foundation ready to provide support?


Pluto turns direct in Capricorn on the 4th after being retrograde since April 24th. Pluto has been in Capricorn since November 26th, 2008 and will remain here until January, 2024. It is known as a generational planet as it effects generations of people with its energy.

As the furthest planet from our Sun, Pluto rules our darkest, most mysterious realms and holds dominion over our fears, secrets, and desires for power and control. But this isn’t a grim or negative energy to embrace as it is Pluto that pulls the darkest aspects of ourselves into the light, forcing us to acknowledge where changes need to be made.

Capricorn is authoritative and as a sign of success and strength, here we are able to embrace the intensity of Pluto and direct its transformative energy to where it is most needed. This powerful combination of energies literally has the ability to change the entire world by harnessing their mutual appetite for results, we can find compassion for others and leave behind negative patterns and structures that are no longer working. Yes, this can mean a certain level of destruction - Pluto must dismantle the past so we can build anew.

With its far reach over generations and the impact those generations will have on future generations, Pluto in Capricorn forces us as a society to face our feelings about power, government, and institutions in particular our negative view of people and institutions that are in positions of control. The goal of this energetic integration is to overcome the inequities of power and resources and to transform social order by becoming more conscious of our shared humanity.

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