Week 3


The energy this week takes us from an inward place of self Truth to being ready, willing and able to reach out and share that Truth with others. We may notice that the deeper we connect to ourselves and share ourselves with those close to us, the more we actually have to offer to the world and this week we will start to see how this fits with the rest of life while simultaneously making space for new growth.

Are you willing to acknowledge what is missing from your life?


The New Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto on the 15th again marking the beginning of a new cycle and encouraging you to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Scorpion; fearlessness: a quest for truth, powerful, wise, passionate and faithful – this energy calls you into a cycle of deep transformation, growth and inner wisdom.

Scorpio New Moons are perfect for taking a good look at ourselves and working on self-mastery. You may choose to focus in on things that make you feel out of control, such as addictions, habits, jobs or environments and discover how to set yourself free from emotional weight that is attached to these ideas.

Ask yourself – “What is missing from my life?”

This cycle inspires us to rid ourselves and our lives of whatever isn’t working.
As the energy of each sign is reflected to us in varying combinations of light and shadow, the present not to teach us lessons but rather to inspire us to grow and become. One of the virtues the Scorpio energy holds for us is to dig deeper into the mysteries that surround us instead of buying into what we are being told – To decide and discern for ourselves exactly what TRUTH is.
We can harness this cycle to focus on and develop one special project or relationship to help add a deeper meaning, purpose and depth to our lives but we can also use it as a force to help us release our fear of confrontations and emotional situations.

Venus moves into Scorpio from November 21st until December 15th making deep and passionate relationships the focus and all things shallow and superficial will just not satisfy. We may find ourselves really longing for that full body, mind, heart and soul connection and as our relationships are immensely important to our lives, we may be swept away by the emotional intensity this week!
This week can bring up fears of being too vulnerable or of relinquishing our power to others. It is an “all or nothing” with this Scorpio energy, and so relationships may become a little bit of a rollercoaster ride.

As the Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 21st, our focus will shift from the need for an intimate connection with ourselves and those close to us to a desire to connect with the world.
Within this fiery sign, we may be driven to reach out to others beyond our usual circle and move towards understanding the greater world around us and how we connect to that. Courage comes with this energy and it extends to our heart for greater inclusion and our minds for considering new ideas.
This is a ‘Big Picture’ week as we optimistically consider what may be possible. The Sagittarian confidence may stir up an inner faith and hope within us while overlooking the trivial and mundane details of daily life.

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