Week 4


This week is carrying the energy of big change as we are drawn to create harmony between where we are and where we want to be. Imagine the possibilities! The path from A to B may be masked by many things that we perceive as negative but it is within our power to choose what it is we give our attention to and to emerge stronger and more unified than before.

Where is it that you truly want to be?


Neptune, linked to spirituality, magic, daydreaming, and sensitivity, turns direct in Pisces on the 28th. This planet is at home here as Neptune rules in Pisces. Known as the dreamers of the zodiac, this combination of energies creates space to escape from the harshness of reality and to develop our imaginations and fantasies.

The Full Moon energy is already been felt leading into the event on the 30th. As the Sun in Sagittarius forms an opposition to the Moon in Gemini, this will be a time of culmination for that which was started at the New Moon and this particular moon create a Lunar Eclipse. Moon energies within these conditions are more potent and may inspire new epiphanies.

This is the second within the unfolding of a set of eclipses taking place along the Gemini / Sagittarius axis, beginning in June this year and concluding in December 2021 bringing issues within our lives to fulfillment.

This Lunar Eclipse, however, is offering up an energy of change within whichever area of your life is activated. You may notice drama unfold to stir up old energies and bring certain things to your attention, and when the chaos settles, you will see a clear path emerge. These issues that arise will have been building inside of us for some time, shuffling around in the shadows. With the energy of the Lunar Eclipse we can become aware of the flaws within the way things are working, things can come to light and if we lean into our emotions we will have a clearer understanding of what it is we need to change or let go of.
Recognise that any drama that arises serves a purpose, and it is time to pay attention to our feelings and discoveries.

Embody "I AM" Blue Moon Ceremony
Oct 31, 8:00 PM GMT+11
Online Zoom Ceremony

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